Information on Processing Repairs

Here you will find important information on the processing of repairs

We offer quick and comprehensive repair a faulty device.
Only a complete repair will ensure complete recovery of all functions and maintain high reliability.

We therefore recommend the following method:
Complete repair with system inspection including service report, test and calibration certificates.
Complete repair of a measurement device in accordance with customer requirements, fault description and service contract.

Includes: repairing all defects found during system inspection with adjustment and calibration => When? Recommended if the last system inspection occurred more than 12 months ago.

Cost Estimate
For repairs, it is not possible to estimate the actual costs in advance.

Please select among the options in the service order:

  • The repair can occur up to a certain cost, and if above this cost, approval is needed.
  • Repair only after approval of cost estimate
    (not recommended if time is critical)
  • Service contract with detailed agreements of a framework contract or within a system maintenance agreement
  • more about system maintenance

Possible objections to our proposal:
A comprehensive repair of the equipment is too expensive.
Possibly skip the system inspection (at your own risk) or subcontract only a "repair to customer requirements."

No problem! It will the be repaired according to your reported error (or specified elements, assemblies, modules). Of course, we can also send spare parts! Billing is by hourly rate and the price of the spare parts.

However: Any other defects in this repair may not be recognized and therefore can not be eliminated.
This approach involves substantial risks and is not recommended by us! 

Why should a system inspection be performed with every repair or calibration?
After a repair, followed by an imc system inspection, the unit comes completely tested (and safely repaired) back to the user!
An imc system inspection is the best and safest way to ensure 100% functionality, including finding hidden errors that you may not see. Due to errors occurring or because of a part exchange, recalibration is also often required.

Example: A power adapter failure is reported.
The original request of the client was: Send me a DC/DC converter, I will fix the power adapter myself.
Error indication after analysis by imc: Defective input channels are straining the power adapter.
Additionally: DAC (Analog Output) channel 2 is defective.
Result: The customer receives back a fully repaired and correctly tested device with test certificate according to the manufacturer's protocol.
And should an adjustment be necessary, then it would naturally be performed following the same procedure. In this case, the customer would receive a new calibration certificate for the device.

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