Information on Maintenance and Calibration

In addition to our training sessions and hotline, we offer an extensive range of services for our measurement devices, including but not limited to: maintenance, repairs, calibration, balancing, replacement parts guarantees, as well as device rental.

Maintenance plan: to give you “peace of mind”

Reliable operation requires a regular maintenance.
The maintenance concept that we recommend provides you with the optimal system inspections and system maintenance that will protect your investment and allow your system to remain available for the longest amount of time.

From experience, we know that you place high demands on system reliability and availability. We want to assure that you receive the maximum investment protection you can and offer you the most optimal system maintenance plan at a very reasonable price.

imc calibration and adjustment: proven accuracy!

When you receive your device back from us, it will have been fully function tested and a certificate of calibration will be included.

Throughout operation of the device, depending on your specific application, the measurement uncertainties can change over time. This is why we recommend regular calibration (e.g., from ISO 9001 or other standards you require).
imc guarantees its calibration values over a period of 12 months.

Accordingly, a calibration and possibly a balancing of the complete system should be done. It is particularly effective if you allow for a complete system functions test to be simultaneously carried out.

imc system inspections – the ideal investment protection – security through manufacturer competence!

imc recommends a regular system inspection per manufacturer protocol every 12 months to ensure reliability and accuracy and to find any possible hidden damage or discrepancies. This way, you’re always ready for your test and measurement tasks!

Investment protection through regular and preventative maintenance

The maintenance / system revisions serve to, among other things, provide needed preventative maintenance and protect your device from unseen system threats.
In contrast to the functions test per manufacturer protocol (imc system inspection), the maintenance / system revisions are life-prolonging for your device.

For appropriate maintenance intervals, we recommend the following:

  • 1-2 years depending on the operation conditions of the device in extended temperature ranges – or with mobile use (high vibration applications, condensation exposure, frequent transport, etc.), as well as with device fan usage in polluted, dusty environments.
  • 2-3 years for other devices.

Performing maintenance / system revisions, or an extended system inspection, are likewise recommended for dropped devices, overvoltage damage or short circuit currents.

Additional information on sending in a device for maintenance can be found here.

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