imc LINK - for the test stand

Engineers responsible for managing a number of semi-autonomous test cells face two distinct challenges: controlling the test stand to meet the requirements of the standards or development engineers; and managing an enormous volume of measurement data which result from that testing.

Every imc data acquisition system is already equipped for standalone operation - including a variety of power failure management options—and is well suited to ongoing measurements and monitoring such as: on-the-fly pre-processing of complex measurement data, spectral analysis, signal classification (rainflow), and rotational order analysis.

imc LINK, via a direct LAN connection (TCP/IP Ethernet), or a 3rd party network interface appropriate to your needs (WLAN, Wi-Fi, 3G/4G Modem, …), enhances this standalone nature by helping you to manage the collected data.

Whether network access is provided via wireless or wired connections, with imc LINK, measurement data from test cells can be automatically transferred—either directly from the imc Data Acquisition System, or more commonly from a control PC—to a waiting data server. Automated analysis may be performed at any or all of the three stages available to imc users: in real time directly on the measurement system (imc Online FAMOS), by the control computer (imc STUDIO), or on the data server by virtue of imc LINK initiating an imc FAMOS analysis macro.

A perfect example of this is seen in test environments where several test stands are in operation simultaneously, running 24/7. Manual collection and transfer of measurement data would be tedious, error prone, or practically flat out impossible. imc LINK’s automation of data transfer, thus, contributes to efficiency gains and cost savings. In fact, imc LINK guarantees automatic and complete retrieval of measured data simultaneously from one or more measurement systems. This means that all parameters recorded by a measurement device can be transferred to a remote PC as soon as they are available within the device. 

imc Test & Measurement is an Axiometrix Solutions company.