Solution-oriented and adaptable

Workshops are usually more effective than pure product training because they generally deal with real-world tasks in the operational environment of the client. For this reason, the customer will greatly benefit from the knowledge and experience of our trainers. We have qualified specialists with many years of experience in experimental laboratory and test stand measurement technology.

Training elements:

  • Training about product characteristics
  • Training for special applications
  • Handling technical tasks
  • Tailored to specific customer requirements or applications
  • Priorities can be specified by the customer

Course content can be determined by the customer based on standard training modules. Specific tasks dealing with experimental measurements and their associated environments are also taken into account: e.g., product training on topics such as vibration analysis, structural analysis, dynamometer measurement, automation, control and regulation technology, data management, software development, etc.

Solve specific tasks in workshops

Because a particular emphasis is placed on practical work, our workshops are offered where specific customer tasks can be handled hands-on. The trainer works closely together with the customer to cooperatively develop a solution to a practical problem.

Example: imc STUDIO Workshop

The imc STUDIO workshop is for new and existing customers who would like to be as productive as possible when assigned specific tasks. Consultation about a possible workshop is offered free of charge and can be handled over the phone or in person.

Target group: Technicians and engineers from research & development or test facilities that use our products and want to acquire in-depth application knowledge.  We welcome you to share our expertise and experience.

imc Test & Measurement is an Axiometrix Solutions company.