imc STUDIO II - Performing Additional Measurements

In the imc STUDIO II course, in addition to teaching raw data acquisition, a focus is also placed on the visualization options available with imc STUDIO. This includes many ways of representing currently running measurement data, as well as displaying previous measurements directly next to them, i.e., reference measurements. With the help of commands associated with graphical widgets, the participant will learn to perform advanced actions and, for example, create test reports. Among other things, the participant will also learn how to integrate evaluation results using imc FAMOS directly into the test reports. Furthermore, in addition to learning how to collect and use metadata, that is, additional information about measurements or channel settings, by the end of the day, the participant will be able to more efficiently carry out and realize test and measurement tasks.

Target Participants:

Users of imc STUDIO that want to learn to create, in addition to simple data collection, complete measurement tasks.

Basic device operation skills with imc STUDIO (imc STUDIO Course I).

Course Content:

  • Presentation of measurement data in the Panel using various Widgets
  • Utilization of Widget options
  • Data browser
    - comparisons between various measurements
    - display additional measurement information
    - store reference measurements
  • Use of the Panel for generating measurement reports
  • Interactive Panel options, e.g.,
    - integration of imc FAMOS calculations
    - synchronize channels at the push of a button
    - assistant for saving data
  • Specify, enter and manage additional measurement information (metadata)

1 Day (9:00 am – 4:30 pm)

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