Training Programs

Training for standard products

For our product lines including imc STUDIO, imc FAMOS, imc CANSAS and imc DEVICES, we offer an educational, in-depth, sequential training concept. The various training programs presented on the following pages will allow the participant to fully learn how to use the device operating software and hardware. The courses are sequential, so each participant can be taught according to the desired extent or complexity of their needs and learn the appropriate techniques and ideas to solve their test and measurement challenges.

The training programs are designed to be interactive, so either one, or a maximum of two participants working together, can directly practice the training topics with practical examples. Using this type of training technique allows the participants to have a smooth transition when incorporating their know-how back into their everyday tasks. With a small group size, participants will have direct access to the trainer, thus allowing all to address their specific concerns.

Customized training

The customized training program can be designed to fully meet your requirements. You determine your program content, duration and where the training is to be given. If you have a need for a tailor-made training program, contact us and we will gladly make you an individual offer.

imc Test & Measurement is an Axiometrix Solutions company.