System Maintenance: Basic Package

• Comes with a 10 hour allotment of extended support
• Responses by FastViewer, phone or email
• Typical response time: 2-4 hours
• Extended version available including on-site visits

A system maintenance account consists of the basis package with selectable system maintenance components.

High operational availability through adapted system maintenance

The purpose of our system maintenance is to optimize the operation of our products and thus to protect the value of your investment for years to come. Tailored system maintenance enables trouble-free operation while containing cost. The maintenance efforts extend from commissioning of new devices, training, system updates, calibration, system inspection and system revision, all the way to internet-aided remote diagnostics. In order to provide all this at the lowest possible cost, a tailored system maintenance program is offered for every imc measurement system and software package. Standardization of the system maintenance service ensures minimum operating costs and maximum convenience all at once.

3 PCs per device lifespan
On average, measurement systems for physical quantities have a lifespan of ten years. By contrast, operating systems and PCs become obsolete within 2-3 years. This means that a measurement system‘s active life may be used with as many as 3 different PCs and operating systems. Affordable updates for new operating systems with continuing support of earlier versions are therefor absolutely necessary. All imc products are continuously subjected to further developments, including their functionality. Thus, system inspections, system revisions and system updates enable continual modernization of older systems. Measurement systems acquired at different times remain mutually compatible.

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