Express Service

Would you like to get your device back from servicing as fast as possible?

If you want to reduce the downtime of the unit to a minimum, we recommend the following:

  • Fill out the service form (Download).
  • Give us the error description and service order beforehand by email or fax.
  • Report the device via telephone to our service hotline.
  • Price available upon request
  • Ship us the device through an express service of your choice.

Express service includes preferential service and handling taken care of as quickly as possible.

Typically an express repair is carried out within 5 working days (not including transportation).

When you select the Express Service, you"ll have a reliable contact who will keep you up to date - even daily if you would like!

Your benefit! If the service work takes longer than five days, even in spite of the Express Service, the express fee will be reduced by 1/3 per day and will be dropped entirely after the third day past. Additional expenses, however, are excluded. Repair costs will be charged separately.

In order to keep the repair time to the absolute minimum, it is recommended that, in the service contract, you allow us to go ahead and perform all necessary repairs before waiting for the price quote.

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