Device Rental and Personnel Contracting

Equipment rental can solve your investment problems

If you are not able to afford to buy a house, then the alternative is not to live homeless. You simply do what millions of others do: rent an apartment and pay for the use. The same applies to capital goods.

Renting measurement equipment, maybe even with qualified operators to do the work, can be a cost-effective solution for your specific task. By renting equipment or contracting experienced labor, you will be saving on initial investments, thus, keeping your overhead low.

Measurement devices for any task
imc offers a wide range of modular test systems, which can be adapted to different applications for physical measurement. The devices are designed for universal applications for experimental, research and developmental testing and are also just as suitable for mobile applications where specific durability in extreme environmental conditions is needed. Monitoring tasks, long-term measuring and web-based access can be performed as well.

Our powerful operating software makes our devices immediately ready to use and supports the full range of functions from measurement settings, layout and appearance, to complete documentation and reports. Control and regulation tasks, including flexible set point values, can easily be integrated into a measurement, whereby special user interfaces and automation tasks can be defined quickly and without any programming knowledge.

You are in safe hands with us
For over 25 years we have specialized in advancing the field of physical measurement and testing—from experimental and prototype testing, to commissioning and end-of-line testing. Our highly experienced engineers and technicians are here to offer advice and consultation on what configurations are best suited for your application. We can also provide you with support on everything from your initial installation, all the way to complete automation. For long-term measurements and monitoring tasks, we provide you with such options as our internet portal, telecommunications and IT services. Of course, all of our devices and systems come with current calibration certification.

Operators can be contracted along with measurement systems

If you only need the measurement device for a short while and you find that in depth training would not be worthwhile, we can offer you on-site support. In many cases, simply using of one of our specialists to perform your measurements will save on both time and training. With their extensive training and experience, one of our specialists can help you with everything from initial set-up and planning, to data analysis, documentation and automation (and much more).

Software is always included
When it comes to the software, we can offer the same rental opportunities as the hardware.

As part of the rental program, we can provide you with all the necessary software components. Our hotline is here to assist you in set-up and installation either by phone or with our internet-based web support. You get a ready-to-use complete system with full technical support.

Renting costs less than you might think
Modern measurement systems and devices can be expensive initial investments, rarely costing below 10,000 Euros. In addition, they are subject to rapid technological change and can incur subsequent costs for equipment management, updates, calibration, adjustment and repair. This adds up to an average of 8 - 10% per year of the investment price—not to mention having  your capital tied up. This effort is worthwhile only if the devices are used daily and are operated by well-trained personnel.

On the other hand, rental or contracting requires only minimal capital. You’re only paying for the use of the device. Rental costs are manageable and adaptable to your specific measurement task. The cost of rental compared to buying is very low—and with no additional follow-up costs. The cost of your measurement tasks are clearly identifiable and can be adapted to your needs and budget.

The duration of the usage, as well as the complexity of the measurement, will determine the price.

If the rental devices prove their usefulness, you can opt to directly buy them from us. Your previous rental payments will be taken into account when defining the price.

Renting is easier than you might think

  • Simply give us a call and discuss your measurement task over the phone with one of our specialists
  • We will create an individualized offer for you
  • Delivery will be free of charge
  • The equipment is insured for the entire application including the transportation 
  • Leasing and purchase offers are available on request

Overview of rental benefits:

  • Always have the newest technology
  • Low financial commitment
  • No investment
  • No depreciation
  • No maintenance costs
  • More flexibility
  • Payments come from operational budget
  • Costs are directly tax deductible
  • Device is designed for your current application

Leasing and financing options available upon request.

imc Test & Measurement is an Axiometrix Solutions company.