Bug fix for imc DEVICES / imc STUDIO

Downloadable versions of the programs imc DEVICES and imc STUDIO are available in this area. These versions remedy a firmware problem regarding the handling of dates, which has been occurring in all versions of imc DEVICES and imc STUDIO since 01/01/2013.

The problem affects the initialization process of a measurement and causes the posting of an error message due to incorrect interpretation of the time. This, in turn, prevents the measurement system from starting, and any other measurements from being performed.

With a few exceptions, the problem affects all systems working with the software versions imc DEVICES and imc STUDIO.

Not affected: all devices of the types imc MUSYCS and imc µ-MUSYCS, older models of imc BUSDAQ (serial numbers: 09xxxx), imc SPARTAN-L, imc SPARTAN-S (serial numbers: 09xxxx), imc CRONOS (PC-Version) as well as ANDIS III.


Users of the software imc DEVICES are provided with downloads of updated current versions 2.6, 2.7 and 2.8 in our Download Center.


Users of the software imc STUDIO are provided with downloads of updated current versions 3.0 and 4.0 in our Download Center.

When downloading and installing the software, please note that you need a valid license key/password for imc DEVICES in order to enable it. If you have any questions regarding installation or the license key, our Hotline personnel will be happy to help you and can be reached under the telephone numbers appearing below.

If you are still using a version of the software lower than Version 2.6 and are thus operating devices affected by this bug, we will provide you with the license key for operating the current version imc DEVICES Version 2.6 free of charge. Please contact our Hotline and state your device serial number.

For customers who wish for a temporary fix which does not require re-installation of the program on their computer, we recommend the use of the program imc_DEV_Fix_2013_01_01_015197.EXE (available as ZIP file).

» Download program imc_DEV_Fix_2013_01_01_015197 (Rev.4 16.01.2013)
» Download manual released 16.01.2013 for the program (it is also included in the zip archive)

This program connects with one or more measurement systems and remedies the error by replacing a segment of the system firmware. Our Hotline will gladly provide support and advice in running this program.

Hotline imc: +49 (0)30-467090-26; mail: hotline@imc-tm.de

We regret and apologize for any inconvenience you have experienced due to any problems which may have occurred, as well as for your trouble in fixing the error.

imc Test & Measurement is an Axiometrix Solutions company.