Database application for test & measurement specialists: imc SEARCH

At a glance

  • Central storage and management of measurement and test data
  • Quick viewing and searching through large volumes of data
  • Ideal for test stands and spatially distributed data sources
  • Linking of descriptive test information (e.g., images and documents)
  • Seamlessly integrate search results and measurement data analyses with the imc FAMOS signal analysis software
  • Flexible database structure
  • Supports popular database management systems such as Oracle, MS SQL, MySQL
  • Client/server architecture, but also local (mobile) operation
  • Traceability of measurements

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Easily find measurement data

When running a series of tests, the measurement data can quickly pile up to unmanageable amounts - a virtual haystack, so to speak. However, if specific information is needed from the extensive collection of data, an intelligent measurement database solution pays off. After all, who has time to look for the infamous "needle in a haystack"? imc SEARCH provides the solution at the push of a button.

Ideal for test & measurement specialists

The imc SEARCH database application is specifically designed for the needs of test & measurement technicians. imc SEARCH allows for a wide variety of information that is important for test & measurement to be stored, searched, filtered, sorted and subsequently evaluated using the imc FAMOS analysis software. A sophisticated storage technology provides fast access times for large data sets.

All your information in one place

With the use of the imc STUDIO software platform, measurement data from networked test stands and test setups can be easily transferred into the measurement database. In addition, a .NET interface supports the import of data from any source into the database. Thus, without being hardware dependent, imc SEARCH works around a unified central storage solution and avoids isolated applications. In the case of mobile usage, imc SEARCH Mobile is available: it operates locally while allowing for regular synchronization with the central database in the office.

Customizable - thanks to an individual data model

The imc SEARCH data model can individually be configured by the user for the storing and archiving of data that is best suited for the requirements. A comfortable administration interface allows logical and hierarchical relationships to be converted into a user-oriented data structure. The model consists not only of individual elements, but also incorporates their relations amongst one another. Thus, for example, given a motor test stand, all of the attributes of the motor, ambient conditions, operating personnel, ECU software versions, as well as descriptions and measurement results can all be linked together.

Get results faster

With search filters, the user can easily find the desired information without detours. With imc FAMOS sequences and the extensive imc SEARCH kit, automated evaluations can be created that have access to the entire database. Furthermore, the evaluation of large amounts of data can even be executed directly within the imc SEARCH server, thus avoiding extensive transfer of the raw, mass data to the client.