imc SEARCH in practice

Clear view when component testing

Whether in freezing temperatures or direct sunshine - windshield wipers are expected to provide a clear view in almost any environment. Therefore, these components must be optimally designed. In addition to functionality, economics also plays a role. In the developmental test arena, motors, wiper blade designs and wiper arms must all be tested in various combinations and environments. imc SEARCH ensures that the most efficient arrangement can be quickly identified from the test & measurement data.

Speeding up brake data

When it comes to testing braking distances on the test track, extensive amounts of data can quickly accumulate. In order to deal with all this data and to ensure that the engineer teams aren't slowed down during the evaluation process, they put imc SEARCH to work. Attributes, such as test driver, ambient temperature, brake disc, brake caliper or brake pad that is being used can easily be filtered and incorporated into later analyses. Especially when different test tracks and teams are locally testing, centralized data management is essential for productive processing.

Data management for small business owners

The success of small business owners is closely related to their ability to innovate. Prerequisites for success are to invest in research and development. Beginning with high-quality measurement and analysis data, crucial knowledge is gained in a very short time. It becomes more and more difficult for these businesses to make sense of their data when it is in a variety of formats, used in different applications and stored at different locations. imc SEARCH is an economically attractive solution that allows users to manage data storage, make specific searches and perform comprehensive analyses.