imc LINK - for remote installations

When the need for remote testing arises, because travelling to the object under test is either impractical or inconvenient, engineers must contend with the uncertainly of inaccessible data systems. Invariably, questions must be answered: Is my measurement still working correctly? What have we learned so far with this test?

Offshore wind projects are a perfect example where a balance must achieved between technological costs and economic benefits, while operating reliably in a demanding environment where mechanical stress on components is a constant challenge. Continuous monitoring and testing, including fatigue analysis, is crucial to ensure operational success.

In addition to wind farms, structural monitoring of railway and highway bridges, airport runways, and any other remote, stationary mechanical structures all share a common problem of measurements of a long duration in relatively inaccessible locations. The larger the distances, and the more measurement channels and measurement sites which are involved, the more beneficial smart and automated transfer of measurement data becomes; exactly what imc LINK is designed to do.

Every imc data acquisition system is already equipped for standalone operation, including a variety of power failure management options, and is well suited to ongoing measurements and monitoring, including on-the-fly pre-processing of complex measurement data including spectral analysis, signal classification (rainflow), and rotational order analysis.

imc LINK, and a 3rd party network interface appropriate to your needs (WLAN, Wi-Fi, 3G/4G Modem, …), enhances this standalone nature by helping you to manage the collected data. Whether network access is provided via wireless or wired connections, imc LINK’s ability to automate the transfer of measurement data from an imc data acquisition system to a computer or data server dramatically improves the timeliness and usefulness of field data, independently managing the information to be transferred from the imc system’s local storage.

Synchronization options, including GPS, IRIG, and DCF77, allow data to be simultaneously and synchronously collected across large measurement sites—from factory floors to wind farms. And with imc LINK’s support for automated analysis and reporting through imc FAMOS, large data sets can be effortless and automatically processed and summarized as often as needed.

imc Test & Measurement is an Axiometrix Solutions company.