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f(x) New functions

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f(x) New functions

Nonlinear Approximation (NLSF-Fit)

Using the new function ApproNonLin, imc FAMOS 7.2 can fit coefficients to given measurement data. Based on real measurement data, up to 8 coefficients of a freely selectable formula are approximated.The approximation is based on the Gauss-Newton algorithm. The calculation is carried out taking into account limits for the coefficients iteratively with a step-width control based on Levenberg-Marquardt.Example: Determination of the decay time of a damped oscillation (see picture).


Prerequisite: imc FAMOS Professional or Enterprise

Matrix functions

imc FAMOS 7.2 offers you new functions for calculating with matrices. This allows you to multiply and invert matrices, as well as solve linear equations.

Prerequisite: imc FAMOS Professional or Enterprise

Interval functions

Thanks to the new interval functions in imc FAMOS, periodic processes can be precisely separated into individual intervals, even with varying periods of time. By means of an analysis function, characteristic values for the individual intervals can be determined, e.g., minimum, maximum, mean and much more. Possible applications are:

  • Stroke of a combustion engine
  • AC voltage cycles
  • Opening and closing valves
  • Opening and closing a brake caliper

Prerequisite: imc FAMOS Professional or Enterprise

Power analysis

With imc FAMOS 7.2, you can calculate the power for a phase as well as for three- or four-wire systems by means of ready-made functions with a few mouse clicks. And even at variable frequencies.

Prerequisite: imc FAMOS Professional or Enterprise

Internet resource queries

imc FAMOS 7.2 provides a direct query of internet resources. For example, geographic data can be queried from online map services, standards from internet sites or also user data from a name directory.

Example "reverse geocoding":

Only a few people are able to determine the street address using latitude and longitude. With the new HttpGetText function, you are simply asking an online map service of your GPS information and you automatically receive comprehensible address data.

New functions for text and text boxes

imc FAMOS 7.2 provides you with new functions to make it even more comfortable to edit text and text boxes. This allows you to split texts using a separator, insert or delete entries within text boxes and search and replace with regular expressions within text and text fields.

Optimized usability

Find functions quicker

imc FAMOS 7.2 offers a variety of functions. In order to find the right function for your task even more quickly, the function list has been re-grouped and extended with a search function.

Better understand functions

In order to understand the operation and application of functions more quickly, the help texts for functions in imc FAMOS 7.2 have been expanded to include detailed descriptions, examples and notes. Furthermore, you will find a new section "See also" which links to related functions and topics that could also be relevant to your application.

Mouse-over for actual variable values

When creating and optimizing the sequence in imc FAMOS, it is often useful to see the value or content of a variable after certain calculation steps. In imc FAMOS 7.2, this now works by mouseover directly in the sequence editor. For variables with single value or text content, a window automatically opens and displays the content above the variable name.

New display possibilities

Extraction of sections from a color map

With the new version 7.2, a color map can be simultaneously linked in the X and Y axes with two-dimensional curve windows to display the sections. Subsequently, the user can move the sections in the X or Y direction by way of so-called link lines. For example, the vibration at a given rotational speed, as well as at a given frequency, can be simultaneously and dynamically presented during an examination of rotating parts.

Adaptation of panel pages to screen size

In order to be able to adapt existing panel pages more easily to changing screen resolutions, the new version offers an automatic adaptation of the display: either with a new or the same aspect ratio.

Position widgets easier

With the new imc FAMOS version 7.2, it is even easier to position widgets perfectly. In addition to an anchor function, which determines where widgets are "anchored", the outside distances to other objects can be permanently stored on the widget..

More new features

  • Data Browser: Improved support for imc STUDIO data storage (automatic import of metadata and video)
  • Curve window: "Last value as number" representation also with hexadecimal output
  • Panel: Button elements with images (such as in the dialog editor)
  • Acceleration of sequence execution, especially with loops with multiple runs
  • Maximum number of sequence parameters increased from 9 to 20
  • Improved sorting of the event and sub-sequences in the sequence editor
  • Initialization lists for records: coefficients = [1, 0.2, -1.4e-5, 2]

New supplemental database kit

imc FAMOS Database Kit

With the new database kit, users are provided with access to functions within databases. Data from a database can be loaded into imc FAMOS and data from imc FAMOS can be transferred to a database.

The kit allows access to:

  • Oracle 10g, 11g, 12c
  • MS SQL Server 2005, 2008 or higher
  • MySQL 5.5, 5.6
  • Microsoft SQL Server Compact Edition 4.0
  • Database systems via ODBC

Version History

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