What's new in imc FAMOS 7.0?

The new signal analysis software version, imc FAMOS 7.0, plays a central role in reaching your measurement goals by accurately filtering out, analyzing and visualizing results from enormous amounts of test data. With the new 64 bit version of imc FAMOS, we made many significant changes that allow for the operation processes to mesh more smoothly when it comes to data analysis.

At a glance

  • Analyze large quantities of data faster thanks to the 64 bit version
  • Increased convenience: Data Browser now integrated into the main window
  • Professional presentation: the imc FAMOS Panel as a central element
  • New curve window options
  • Customize the GUI per drag & drop to meet your specific needs
  • Many new analysis and automation functions

More power yields quicker results

New 64-bit version overcomes limitations in file size and record length and enables faster calculating and analyzing.


  • Data sets larger than 2 GB
  • Record length of more than 2 GSample
  • Use of more than 2 GB of memory

Your main operation and display element - the imc FAMOS Panel

In the new version 7.0, the imc FAMOS Panel is your central control and display element for data and results. The panel combines the properties of dialogues and reports and you can display various elements such as curve windows, tables and text windows, as well as arranging active input elements such as text and input fields.

Personalize your own user interface

  • By simply using drag & drop, you can design the interface to meet your specific needs
  • Tool windows can be freely positioned allowing for workspace optimization
  • A configurable tool bar provides all the tools you might need

Choose from various skin designs

With the new version 7.0, you can choose between different skins such as Standard, Office 2010 or Office 2013.

Boilerplates allow quicker access to sequences

In previous versions, boilerplates such as conditionals and loops could only be pasted via the context menu of the Sequence Editor. With the new version 7.0, a separate tab for quick access is now available in the tool window.

Dynamic maps

The Curve Window also delivers new functionality - for example, the display of GPS data on a map. In the new version 7.0, the map data can be loaded automatically from the internet.

Comfortable zoom options in the Curve Window

The imc FAMOS 7.0 Curve Window now allows for zooming with the mouse wheel and is also touch-screen compatible. This is yet another interesting detail that makes for quicker and more comfortable operation.

New functions for analysis and automation

Remove values from a data set

Position a panel on the screen

Query the screen resolution

Increased support for video variables
Menu command "View" opens a predefined panel with video elements and loads the video file

Syntax help for functions
A brief help text is displayed when the cursor hovers over a function name

Sequences/Text blocks
Selectable from "function list"

New command line parameters /N :
Simultaneously start a new (additional) FAMOS session on the same PC

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