imc FAMOS Reader - view your data for free

With the imc FAMOS Reader, you can quickly and easily view data on your PC for free. Besides the imc FAMOS data format and data from imc measurement systems, such as imc CRONOScompact, imc CRONOS-PL, imc C-SERIES, etc., a variety of other data formats are supported. See the table below for a detailed overview of the supported file formats.

A wide variety of display possibilities are available to view your measurement data:

  • Graph Plotting y-t, x-y, position several y-axes above the other or side by side
  • 3-D waterfall and wire-frame displays, point cloud, etc.
  • Color maps with ISO-Lines
  • Tabular and numerical display options
  • Bar diagrams
  • Polar diagrams
  • Maps and vector diagrams
  • Scaling of time data in relative, absolute or third-octave
  • Navigate with zoom and measurement functions
  • Optical scrolling in both horizontal and vertical directions

Supported data formats

Directly supported data formatsImport
imc FAMOSyes
imc measurement system datayes
HBM (Catman Online up to V4.5, Catman binary format V3.1-4.5, Spider)yes
Matlab Format 4yes
Matlab Format 5 (limited)yes
NI DIAdem (ASCII, R32, R48, R64, I16, I32, W16, W32)yes
TurboLab-Data formatyes
Vector MDF3yes
Further supported data formats via import filterImport
Areva ASCIIyes
ASM Hioki Recordscope 8825/8826/8835/8840/8841/8842/8807/8808 V3.0yes
B&S Multidata (V2.5, V3.0)yes
Remus Formatyes
Gould (720, 840, High Res Mode)yes
Grabau (Sound power measurement, INGA)yes
Haag EWS 92/94 Harmonic recording ASCII IECyes
Hi-Techniques (HT600)yes
Horiba/Schenck (STARS)yes
K&S Elektronik (Wavework)yes
Kipp und Zonen (Logging File Format BD 300)yes
Le Croy ( File formats 1.0, 1.1, 2.1, 2.2, 2.3, csv)yes
LEM (TOPAS 1000)yes
LMS (Skalar20)yes
Nicolet Technologies (TEAM Files Header1, Frequency Domain File)yes
OROS (AE2, Wave)yes
Rotec torsional vibration measurement systemyes
SIEMENS (Sirec Binary files for thermocouples)yes
SigView (GageScope)yes
Sony (ASCII -, Binary Filter PC200A)yes
Stiegele Data Systemsyes
TEAC (Quick.Vu,  DADisp, DAT Recorder RD-135T and RD-145T)yes
Tektronix (TDS 744A in Mathcad, TDS Waveform, 222 (TDS 744), oscilloscope  TDS 5000, 6000, 7000 and  TDS 5000B, 6000B, 7000B, TDS-700A/TDS-500B:4.1e, TDS-600B:4.3e, TDS-640A:3.8.8e, TDS-400A:1.0.2e )yes
Telsonic USS-Datayes
Yokogawa Universal format (DL708, DL1540, DL2700, DL 4080)yes

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