Displaying data with imc FAMOS

Presentation and display of your measurement data is one of the outstanding parts of the imc FAMOS software. The integrated curve manager allows you to configure the curve windows with 2D and 3D displays, various graphs, and alphanumeric and tabular illustrations. Adding graphical representations in the curve window by drag & drop, multiple cursor functions, zooming and scaling, as well as the creation of labels and legends are just some of the features that make imc FAMOS indispensable for your test and measurement tasks.

At a glance

  • 1D representations as individual values, single measurement tables, bar graphs
  • 2D representations as y/t, X/Y, combine multiple y-axes
  • 3D representations like waterfalls, color maps, etc.
  • Navigate with zoom and measurement cursor functions
  • Selectable line thicknesses and colors
  • Any number of axes and graphs in one window
  • Tabular representations
  • Protocol window
  • Automatic event marking on the waveform
  • Overview window for quick navigation of large data sets
  • Assign any time value to curve windows and tables
  • Transfer of charts in any Office application

Many viewing possibilities

imc FAMOS Workflow

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