Data presentation with the imc FAMOS Panel

Panel pages are used for displaying and logging measurement data. In imc FAMOS, you have the possibility to work in a single Panel page or work with multiple pages simultaneously. On a single page, you can arrange a variety of different display elements. Typical displays are curve windows, tables or text boxes. You can also utilize active input elements such as functional buttons and text entry fields. Such active elements can either trigger the execution of sequences or be directly linked with imc FAMOS variables (data connections).

Saving and reusing panels

Once a specific panel is created, you can simply save it and use it again for future projects. The designed panels can be loaded later during the execution and "filled in" automatically or manually with the actual measured data. You can use the input boxes and buttons, print the presentation of the data and save in different formats, such as Adobe Acrobat PDF, PNG or BMP.

imc FAMOS Workflow

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