Data import & export with imc FAMOS

Data source management

imc FAMOS supports a large number of common data formats such as Excel, binary, ASCII, MATLAB and many more. Numerous data import filters allow a direct import of different formats. A file wizard helps with unknown formats. The data source management allows you to link storage location, file type and automatic assignment of suitable import filters.

Supplied file filters

ADF (Kistler)*.adf 
Agilent BIN-Format*.bin 
Alborn AlMemo, Almemo2, AMR*.* 
Anovis Measurement Data*.ame 
Anovis Signal File*.asd 
ASAM ATFX Format*.atfx
B&S Multidata ME3 V2.5 and V3.0*.dat 
Vector BLF*.blf 
Caesar Datasystems Remus*.rms, *.dat 
Caesar Datasystems Remus Groups*.rms, *.dat 
DASYLab ASCII V9.0*.asc 
DasyLab file format*.ddf 
Dewetron*.d7d, *.dxd 
Dewetron DMD*.dmd 
DIAdem ASC, I16,I 32, R32, R48, R64*.dat 
DIAdem TDM / TDMS*.tdm, *.tdms
Digitek DataView Binary File Format*.bin 
DSP Development Corporation DADiSP*.hdr, *.dat, *.dad 
SLICEware XML+BIN*.dts 
ETAS/Bosch MDF format*.dat 
Excel-Datei*.xls, *.xlsx
FlexPro Database format*.fpd
FlexRay Bus*.raw,*.dat 
G.i.N. CAN Logger*.fcd 
Google Earth Export*.kml 
Gould DSO720*.dat 
Gould HighRes DataSys 840*.dat 
Grabau Sound Power GR880/SLP*.slp 
Grabau Sound Power INGA*.*32 
Graphtec GL 220,240, 820, 840, 900, 7000*.gbd 
Haag EWS92/94 harmonic ASCII*.asc 
Haag EWS94 harmonic ASCII*.asc 
Haag EWS94 ASCII*.asc 
HBM PNRF*.pnrf 
HDF5*.hdf5, *.h5 
Head acoustics*.hdf
Hioki Recordscopes 8807,8808 V3.0,8826,8835,8841,8842,8847,8875*.mem, *.rec 
Hioki Recordscopes 8825,8840,Digital*.* (*.dat,…) 
Hi-Techniques HT600*.dat 
Horiba Catman 5.0 binary file format*.bin
Horiba Stars*.* 
HYDAC HMG4000, HMGWin V4*.herf4  
Hydrotechnik Hydrocom*.mwf 
Hydrotechnik Hydrocom TXT*.txt 
iba IbaAnalyzer ("PDA1")*.dat 
IEEE Comtrade*.cfg, *.dat 
Image files*.bmp, *.jpg, *.jpeg, *.gif, *.png, *.tif, *.tiff 
imc Bus format*.raw 
imc STUDIO meta data*.csv, *.csv.lnk 
Instron format*.acq 
IRIG Chapter 10 format*.ch10, *.c10 
K&S Electronics Wavework*.txt 
Kipp & Zonen BD300*.rec 
Knorr SD*.sd 
LeCroy File formats*.* 
LeCroy CSV*.csv 
Lem Topas 1000**.* 
Lem Topas 1000tri*.tri, *.trg 
LMS Skalar20*.tdf 
Matlab 4, 5, 7 and 7.3*.mat
MDF4 (ASAM)*.mf4
MKT CAN logger data file*.cld 
MTS System Corporation Series 793 Software*.dat 
Nicolet Team*.* 
Nicolet Frequency Domain*.wff 
nSoft DAC Format*.dac 
OnoSokki Narrow-Band - ASCII*.prn 
OnoSokki 1/3-Octave - ASCII*.prn 
optiMEAS OSF*.osf 
optiMEAS ZIP*.osz 
OROS Wave*.wav 
OROS AE2*.ae2 
PEAK Trace*.trc 
Remes DIGISKOP*.drd 
RPC-3 format*.rsp, *.txt
SigView GageScope Format*.sig 
Sirec Thermocouples*.rec 
SoMat SIE*.sie 
SoMat Information File Format V1.1*.sif 
Sony DAT-Recorder PC216AX ASCII (DOS) Int*.log 
Spider Measurement System*.hdr, *.asc 
Stabicontrol SMF format*.smf 
Stähle Robot*.dat 
Stiegele Datasystems MicroEdition*.mdf 
TEAC DAT Recorder RD-135T and RD-145T*.*, *.t2p 
TEAC TAFFmat format*.hdr, *.dat 
Tektronix DPO 3034 BSP*.isf 
Tektronix DPO7000, DPO70000, DSA70000*.wfm 
Tektronix TDS 5000, TDS 6000, TDS 7000*.wfm 
Tektronix TDS 5000B, TDS 6000B, TDS 7000B*.wfm 
Tektronix TDS-700A, TDS-500B:4.1e, TDS-600B:4.3e, TDS-640A:3.8.8e, TDS-400A:1.0.2e*.wfm 
Tektronix TDS 744*.wfm 
Tektronix TDS 744A Mathcad*.dat 
Telsonic USS-Data*.asc 
Turbolab DAFF (x86) (32 Bit, only up to imc FAMOS 7.5)*.dat 
Universial File Format (UFF58)*.uff, *.unv, *.bunv
Vector CAN Bus Logging*.asc, *.log 
Vector MDF 3.0 Format*.mdf
Vestas INT*.int 
Video*.avi, *.mpg, *.mpeg, *.mp4 
Vispiron ROTEC TransformZeit1.*, Mess1.* 
RIFF WAV (general and RION DA-20)*.wav 
Yokogawa DLO - XL100*.dlo 
Yokogawa WDF - DL350, DL750, DL850, DL950, SL1000, SL1400, DL1600, DL1700, DL9000, DLM2000, DLM3000, DLM4000, DLM5000, DLM6000*.wdf 
Yokogawa GDS, GEV - GP/GX (32 Bit, only up to imc FAMOS 7.5)*.gds, *.gev 
Yokogawa MV/MX - MV/DX/1000/2000 (32 Bit, only up to imc FAMOS 7.5)*.dae, *.dad 
Yokogawa UniFormat - DL708, DL1540, DL2700, DL4080*.hdr, *.wvf 

imc FAMOS Workflow

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