Automation & GUI creation with imc FAMOS

Automation through sequences

Increase your efficiency by automating routine tasks. All areas of imc FAMOS can be automated via command operations and integrated into a finished sequence.

  • No programming knowledge required
  • Operations via Drag & Drop
  • Combine individual functions into a sequence
  • Conditionals, loops, and queries can be integrated
  • Integration of self-written DLLs possible
  • Single-step execution of the sequence possible
  • All areas can be included in sequence - from downloading to report generation

GUI with the imc FAMOS Dialog Editor

  • User interfaces can be designed and equipped with elements such as buttons, switches, input boxes, text and images
  • Active operating elements can be easily linked to imc FAMOS variables
  • Response to menu items and buttons by sequence
  • Practical default settings under the “Automatic” option
  • Large variety of choices for the interface design
  • Design your own user interface for interactive operation of sequences
  • Object inspector to edit the control properties

imc FAMOS Workflow

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