Test stand for electric parking brakes

Endurance testing

  • The test object, the electric parking brake, makes about 100,000 brake engagements on the endurance test stand in about 4-6 weeks of testing
  • In this setup, a simulated electronic control unit (ECU) and caliper are used
  • Environmental conditions such as temperature, car battery and brake wear are also simulated

Integrated testing, open- and closed-loop control with imc:

  • Measurement data acquisition with the imc CRONOScompact
  • Calculation & visualization of the characteristic values with trend line in real time
  • Automated file storage
  • Creation of reports with imc software solutions
  • Open- and closed-loop sequencing control with imc measurement devices

19 of these test stands are currently used by customers worldwide: for example, in Germany, the Czech Republic, Slovakia and China. A concept for the future: The electric parking brake offers the driver more safety and comfort – and is a „must“ for the self-driving car. For vehicle manufacturers, this concept also allows new creative freedom inside the vehicle – with the elimination of the handbrake lever, there is more space.

imc Test & Measurement is an Axiometrix Solutions company.