Test stand for characteristic curves of DC motors

DC motor test stand for seat adjustment

  • Test stand for determining the characteristic curve for the serial testing of DC motors. The test line with load machine, torque sensor and test object fixture is housed and controlled under a safety PLC guarding
  • In the test program, 14 types of tests are configured and manage the test object. The tests can be performed individually or combined to complete a complex  sequence
  • Each test object receives is printed with a unique barcode nameplate. Reading the test object serial number can be carried out using a barcode scanner
  • The test stand comes equipped with an imc CRONOScompact measurement system with 16 isolated analog measurement channels, 4 inputs for encoders, 16 digital inputs and outputs, 8 analog outputs and 2 CAN nodes

Load machine and power supplies

  • Power 250 W | RPM 12,000 | 2,5 Nm (nominal values, overload capacity)
  • Power supply 1: 1.575 W – 35 VDC – 45 A with internal resistance simulation Ri 0..500mOhm | Power supply 2: 150 W – 30 VDC – 5 A


  • 2-range torque sensor 0.2/1 Nm, angular position encoder in load machine and torque sensor, current transformer

imc Test & Measurement is an Axiometrix Solutions company.