• Extrem robustes Messsystem: entspricht MIL STD810F-Standard für Temperatur- und Schockfestigkeit

    Altamente Robusto - Ideal para las condiciones más adversas

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  • Arbeitet autark und ohne PC
    imc CRONOS-SL

    Altamente Robusto - Ideal para las condiciones más adversas

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  • Die Datenspeicherung erfolgt wahlweise im Messgerät und/oder im PC

    Altamente Robusto - Ideal para las condiciones más adversas

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  • Drahtlose Übertragungsmöglichkeiten

    Altamente Robusto - Ideal para las condiciones más adversas

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imc CRONOS-SL: Software

User experience: imc STUDIO
The imc CRONOS-SL is configured and operated through the included imc STUDIO software package. Offering a comprehensive solution to configuration, visualization, reporting and test automation, imc STUDIO is designed to adapt to your needs in interacting with your test and measurement instrumentation, and is fully integrated with imc CRONOS-SL.

imc STUDIO is far more than the limited "one-size-fits-all" software included with most data acquisition devices. Through an easily customizable user interface, imc STUDIO eliminates the need for time consuming and complex programming, debugging, and software maintenance chores.

Whether you are a mechanical engineer gathering your own development data in the field, a test engineer creating a multi-user test cell operator console, or an engineering manager responsible for enterprise level measurement and control strategy, imc STUDIO provides a multi-purpose, multi-use & scalable solution all under one umbrella.

Ready to Meet Your Requirements
At its heart, imc STUDIO is a complete toolbox, combining many separate tools in a seamless and entirely integrated environment:

  • imc SETUP governs the configuration of the data acquisition, signal conditioning, triggering, data display and storage aspects of the instrumentation. In addition, synchronously captured video/audio and position (GPS) data is also available.
  • For test rig applications, an additional real time control system including closed-loop control and signal output is available.
  • imc PANEL provides the visual interface ("GUI") for the configured system, including:
    • Familiar 2D and 3D data displays of imc CurveWindow, where any arrangement of curves is possible, including the ability to change the scaling even during a running measurement.
    • A wide range of easily configured graphical I/O devices, the imc STUDIO Widgets, a library of pre-defined input and output elements such as gauges, meters, tapes, indicators, switches, etc.
  • Test workflow automation is accomplished by the imc STUDIO Sequencer: a "batch generator" that can automatically sequence and loop test process steps.
  • Complete design and control of test stands (e.g., for component tests) can be implemented with imc STUDIO Automation. This graphically oriented design environment allows easy definition and development of state-oriented process control. The resulting real-time capable control is executed on the integrated measurement and control hardware platform of imc CRONOS devices.
  • The seamless integration of imc's data analysis tool, imc FAMOS, and convenient report composition capability, complete the measurement process. This immediate post-processing can even be automated as an event-driven routine, using a freely programmable sequence generator, triggered automatically by the measurement process or user controls.
  • Administration of measured data and project management by means of metafiles in various formats ensure gap-free traceability of the course of a test program.

Learn more about the imc STUDIO software environment.

imc Test & Measurement is an Axiometrix Solutions company.