Demanding environments

Measurements made under harsh environmental conditions such as extreme hot and cold temperatures, water spray, and intense vibration require appropriately protected measurement equipment. The imc CRONOS-SL has proven that these conditions will not affect its precision, dynamics or flexibility; the system meets MIL STD810F standard for temperature and shock resistance.

With its freely configurable measurement amplifier design, imc CRONOS-SL allows direct connection of any desired signals and sensors, and provides both power and conditioning. This enables ideal system adaptation to a wide variety of measurement tasks. Besides the acquisition of raw data, freely defined processing of channel signals can be performed in real time. All analog or digital channels, as well as computed data streams, are available for use in open- and closed-loop control tasks, or for value limit monitoring. Meanwhile, measurement channels carried on the CAN/LIN-Bus, and encoded in a variety of protocols, can be acquired in synchronization with the others and processed in the same way as the analog measurement channels.

imc CRONOS-SL connects to a PC via an Ethernet TCP/IP interface. If desired, additional and synchronized imc measurement devices can easily be added to the network setup.

Remote applications

Imagine your test vehicles are in Alaska and your office is in Munich. With the combination of the imc CRONOS-SL and the software solution imc LINK, there's no reason to catch a cold. Thanks to this imc solution, you’ll always have an accurate overview from your Munich office how measurements are proceeding and can take appropriate actions from your location if necessary.

imc LINK is designed specifically for remote access to instruments and ensures a seamless, secure, automated data transfer from measuring devices, regardless if connected to a PC or not. Using real-time information such as GPS position, you always know where to find the test object.

imc LINK also makes it possible to directly observe the selected measurement values or the device status and, if necessary, quickly take action. Thanks to the black-box functionality of the extremely durable imc CRONOS-SL, your data are always backed up. Analyzing the data and generating a report using imc-FAMOS can be done immediately. The evaluation is easily concluded by storing the results in a desired location within the network.

imc Test & Measurement is an Axiometrix Solutions company.