• Intelligente Messmodule für Prüfstände und mobile Anwendungen

    Módulos inteligentes de adquisición de datos para bancos de pruebas y aplicaciones móviles.

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  • Leistungsfähige Messmodule für mobile Anwendungen

    Módulo de adquisición de datos robusto para aplicaciones móviles.

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In practice

Flexible in test stand applications

On test stands, adaptable and easy to integrate measurement hardware is required. The flexible, modular design of imc CANSAS is the ideal solution. From universal modules that can measure voltage, current, temperature or strain, up to special modules for pressure, high voltage or high isolation – the choice is yours. Depending on the task, the chosen measurement module can be easily be plugged into the rack. This automatically powers the module and connects it to the CAN bus. Hot-Plugging allows modules to be added or replaced, even during operation.

Robust in mobile applications

Even under harsh environmental conditions in mobile applications, imc CANSAS modules measure precisely throughout a wide temperature range and can tolerate condensation from passing through the dew point. For operations in the engine compartment, the particularly compact and robust imc CANSASfit modules are well-suited and can work from -40° to +125° C. These modules are built according to IP65 and MIL-STD-810F and tolerate dirt, splashing water, vibrations and shocks. Once configured, imc CANSAS systems automatically provide data when power is applied.

Distributed tests and measurements

For widely distributed measurement equipment, such as on trains, ships, aircraft, cranes, wind turbines or construction sites, the cost of sensor wiring is high. In addition, long, multi-core test cables are expensive and prone to interference and signal noise. Here, imc CANSAS shows its advantages. Thanks to the compact housing and autarkic operation and supply design, each measurement module can be placed close to the sensor. The acquired signals are transmitted digitally and galvanically-isolated via CAN (up to 1000m) and are synchronously recorded with, e.g., an imc data acquisition system.

imc Test & Measurement is an Axiometrix Solutions company.