High voltage to new horizons in 2021

New as well as long-trusted solutions for emobility from imc Test & Measurement


In late 2020 at the Automobile Summit, the German government resolved to continue promoting the development and sales of electric vehicles. In doing so, the German government is extending its support for consumers or end customers when they purchase either an electric powered passenger vehicle (“Environmental Bonus”) or a utility vehicle. Furthermore, it gave an assurance to rapidly extend the recharging infrastructure as well as to provide continuing support to develop battery production in Germany.

At imc Test & Measurement we welcome the opportunity to support the development work of our customers and partners. The year 2021 is also for imc all about electromobility. We are expanding our range of expert-based solutions for measurement data acquisition and processing for the development of electric drives and the entire technical infrastructure of e-vehicles. Through our new imc measurement systems and modules, we are attuned to development needs in the area of e-mobility.

Our measurement solutions range from very safe and highly innovative measurement systems for measuring in the high-voltage range through to turnkey e-motor test stands, telemetry systems and automotive sensors in order to examine driving dynamics – along with the software demanded for conducting and analyzing stationary and mobile tests.

For the measurement of temperature, voltage and current in the high-voltage range – whether it is for measuring performance or consumption, or examination of the re-charging process – our products include highly isolated measurement modules as well as fibre-optic solutions for temperature measurement based on non-electrical principles that inherently ensure human safety. Furthermore, in 2021 we are complementing our HISO series of highly isolated CAN measurement modules with additional modules.

Our imc CRONOS series of measurement devices has been used by customers for over a decade to reliably record and process multi-channel measurements on test stands or in mobile measurement. We will be complementing and expanding these in 2021 with a new generation of devices: with its channel data rate of up to 4 MHz, imc EOS is advancing into an entirely new dimension of devices.

Our e-motor test stands, always designed according to the Machinery Directive, excel in providing safety in the test process. We look back on many successful e-motor development and battery test projects. In the coming year we will continue to bring our many years of experience to other projects.

In addition to measurements on test stands, imc offers proven measurement system, telemetry and sensor solutions – such as measurement wheels – for mobile vehicle dynamic examination and brake tests in vehicle testing. Furthermore, in the area of noise and vibration analyses, we anticipate offering a new version of software imc WAVE along with comprehensive extensions of this software. With this range of solutions, imc is as good as covering the entire spectrum of metrological tasks in the development of e-vehicles. In doing so, we see ourselves as a partner who is at the customer’s side to answer any questions about measurement technology and look forward in 2021 to further contributing to the development of climate-friendly mobility solutions.  

Find out more on our topic page about imc measurement solutions and applications for e-mobility.

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