imc WAVE Software Download

The following download of imc STUDIO includes the imc WAVE Software.

imc WAVE 5.2R22

imc WAVE demo (30-day full version)

imc WAVE

Download (2.0 GB) without the following additional components: imc FAMOS, imc SENSORS, imc Format Converter and third party devices

imc WAVE

Download (3.6 GB) including: imc STUDIO, imc FAMOS, imc SENSORS, imc Format Converter, third party devices


  • The installation of imc WAVE is included in the imc STUDIO installation.
  • This current version will replace all earlier versions of imc WAVE.
    We generally recommend to always use the latest release version, provided on this page for download.
  • In case you currently work with an imc WAVE 5.2 revision earlier than R7, we strongy advise you to update [IT#30949].
    If you have any questions, our imc hotline will be happy to help you.


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