Aerospace Testing

Ready for Take-off?

Flight Test Solutions

From airborne data acquisition to telemetry transmission and post processing on the ground

  Highly accurate and reliable data acquisition

  Supporting virtually all sensors and interfaces

  Real time analysis, monitoring and data reduction

  In flight reconfigurable telemetry data stream

  All based around the IRIG 106 standards

Test Stand and Rig Solutions

Customized with a high degree of adaptation

Structural analysis of components (e.g., airframes, wings, rotor blades, landing gear, actuators, motors). Strain and stress measurement and control for calibration, static, fatigue and endurance test beds. Strain measurements on composite materials Turbine engine test cell instrumentation. Integrated automated test stand control and alarm systems.

Hardware-in-the-Loop (HiL) solutions for nose-wheel steering, iron bird and ISTR rigs. Development testing of cargo loading systems. Integrated ATP test stands for production and quality control. Development test bed for high-lift systems. Pressure and temperature scanner interfaces for turbine engine test cells. Vibration monitoring hardware and software.

Your benefit - our goal

  • We sell complete solutions not only products
  • One-stop shop for efficient measurement solutions - throughout the whole testing cycle
  • Anti-aliasing of analog inputs
  • Decentralized and distributed measurement - effective, flexible and reliable
  • TEDS-capability for automated sensor integration
  • Synchronous and multi-channel data acquisition
  • Rapid and reliable measurement results with integrated hardware and software solutions
  • All imc systems are software-configurable
  • Broad support of bus data systems (ARINC-429, ASCB-D, CAN, RS422 etc.)
  • User-specific extensions

imc Test & Measurement is an Axiometrix Solutions company.