Multi-channel, robust measurement system for flight testing

High demands placed on data acquisitions

With the increasing complexity of the latest types of aircraft, the requirements placed on today’s flight test systems have also increased. A wide variety of signals and sensors, as well as high channel counts from digital sources and aircraft buses, are acquired over multiple channels, monitored online and, ideally, synchronously stored in a common data sink. The demanding time schedules coming from management require a particularly stabile and effective FTI system. In this case, it is a great advantage to be able to obtain all system components from a single source.

For a solution to this challenge, imc has put together a modular flight test system based on imc measurement systems and video technology. All acquired analog and digital values are stored in the aircraft and transmitted in parallel to the control station by PCM. Thus, at any given time, it is possible to view and evaluate the measurement data via imc STUDIO Monitor without having to land the aircraft. This saves time.

The imc flight test system is based on:

  • Modular imc measurement systems for all analog and digital data sources, such as a variety of signals, e.g., strains, accelerations, temperatures, positions, pressures, voltages or displacements. Furthermore the system supports the integration of ARINC, IENA, CAN, AFDX, etc.
  • imc video technology with up to 8 cameras featuring individual resolution and frame rate settings
  • Control PC with monitor
  • Airworthy storage, network and server technology
  • Telemetric signal transmission via PCM

Everything you need

Robust and airworthy imc measurement systems

The foundation of the data acquisition is built with robust and airworthy imc measurement systems. With a modular design and universal measurement amplifier technology, a tailored layout is possible for capturing signals. Depending on the scope of the instrumentation, multiple measurement systems can be used and networked allowing thousands of channels to be synchronously acquired.

Modular system:
imc CRONOScompact

  • Modular design with up to 128 analog inputs in one system
  • The system can either be centrally installed in a 19” rack or spatially distributed throughout the aircraft.
  • The device captures all analog and digital measurement values, as well as ARINC and ASCB-D field bus data.
  • Provides direct, real-time calculations: results during the running measurement. This helps to reduce data down to the essentials.
  • Stable power supply: equipped with a UPS system
  • Redundant measurement data storage

Spatially-distributable system:
imc CRONOSflex

  • Flexible and modular system
  • Modules are networkable via standard Ethernet cable (up to 100 m)
  • Up to 2,000 kS/s per system and up to 100 kS/s per channel
  • Acquires all analog and digital measurements and field buses such as ARINC and ASCB-D
  • Direct real-time calculations provide results during the running test and help to reduce data down to the essentials.
  • Stabile power supply through UPS Handle with Li-Ion battery
  • Redundant, configurable measurement data storage (internal and external)

Comfortable software with aircraft-specific display elements

As a modular software, imc STUDIO combines many separate tools in a seamless and integrated environment. Within this framework, users are able to both quickly perform basic measurements and create sophisticated test configurations.

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Configure and measure

With imc STUDIO, you are ready to start your measurement in a few minutes. A clearly organized channel configuration list, extensive sorting and filtering functions, numerous assistants, built-in sensor management and support of TEDS are just some of the useful functions for achieving quick, intuitive system configuration.

Data display and system operation

With just a few mouse clicks, you can design tailor-made user interfaces with the imc STUDIO Panel, and link them to the system’s inputs and outputs. Choose from over 100 predefined instrument templates and elements (widgets) to create your own personal test and measurement interface.

Flight-specific widgets

imc STUDIO offers numerous aircraft-specific indicators, such as a moving map, i.e., a map that moves under the curve window with respect to position. These display elements (widgets) can be freely placed on panels (display pages), thus allowing custom interface designs. Panels can then be distributed on multiple monitors (up to 8). This allows your test team to have everything in view, even during complex flight testing.

Automating routine tasks

Save time by automating routine measurement processes using imc STUDIO. Use the drag & drop technique to create your own personal test sequence by selecting from a wide variety of functions – such as channel balancing, entering test data, starting measurements, saving data, running analyses and printing out a report. That's it!

Open Interfaces

Using the imc STUDIO Third Party Device Interface plug-in, it is possible to integrate devices from other manufacturers (3rd-party devices) into imc STUDIO and run them in the imc STUDIO system.

Analysis of measured data and test reports

  • The powerful data analytics tool imc FAMOS offers endless possibilities for post processing and graphical data visualization
    Test process control based on live trend analysis for the test loops
  • Creating professional reports of test results using drag & drop. Using functions like ready-made report templates, auto-fill, exporting and printing can shorten the entire process to just seconds.
  • Database support and integration for management of test configurations and result data. MS Excel interfacing for easy and universal parameter exchange.
    TEDS support for safe and traceable automated setup procedures
  • A sustainable solution: saving total cost of ownership, thanks to both increased operational throughput and minimized efforts for maintenance and extensions

imc Test & Measurement is an Axiometrix Solutions company.